Published by Leo Lake
May 17, 2018

November 13, 2007

1.0 Purpose

The Hockomock Girls Summer Softball League shall organize summer softball programs under the proper supervision and direction of the executive board and its participating constituents. They shall be deemed as persons of good character by meeting the codes of conduct as defined in this document. 

2.0 Objectives

2.1 The League shall promote the qualities of good sportsmanship, honesty and integrity, discipline and self control, dedication and commitment to team concepts above those of the individual. This will assist its participants at maturing physically and socially.

2.2 Operating funds shall be derived from member registration fees, contributions and fund raising events.

2.3 The objectives outlined above shall be accomplished by means of qualified supervision and instruction during friendly competition with members having the same goals and intentions. 

3.0 Membership

3.1 Eligibility

3.1.1 To be eligible for a team, a player must either reside in the teams town or attend the PublicHighSchool district of the teams town or play for the teams town recreation program. We will exclude independent or club teams from competition in our league wherein players on the same team originate from several towns. If a town does not field a team within a particular age division, the town rep may petition the league to allow any such players from that age group to join teams from another member town. Any exceptions regarding eligibility may be granted by a 2/3 majority vote of the league members.

3.1.2 Membership in the Hockomock Girls Summer Softball League shall be limited to fast pitch softball teams formed by the members, hereinafter called "Towns'" under the direction of the Board of Directors.

3.2 New Members

3.2.1 New Towns upon receipt of a non-refundable initiation fee shall be approved on a probationary basis for the first year, and shall, unless objection, become a permanent members thereafter.

3.2.2 A two-thirds (2/3) town representative majority vote shall approve or expel probationary member towns. Probationary member Towns shall not have voting rights. 

4.0 Age Groups

4.1 League age groups shall be consistent with USA Softball Junior Olympic Fast Pitch Softball. 

5.0 Board of Directors (BOD)

5.1 Defined

5.1.1 The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the operation of the League.

5.1.2 The Board of Directors shall include the following positions:

  1. President / Chairperson of the Board
  2. Vice President / Acting President in lieu of the President's Absence
  3. Administrator
  4. Treasurer

5.1.3 Each Officer shall have clearly defined duties within the contents of this document.

5.1.4 All amendments and restructure to the HGSSL by-laws, rules, and policies shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

5.1.5 Final approval for any revisions to the HGSSL by-laws require a minimum two-thirds (2/3) town representatives majority vote.

5.2 Board of Directors - Individual Responsibilities. 


a. Presides over meetings and delivers minutes to all HGSSL members via the website

b. Cast deciding vote to break a tie during league voting issues

c. Responsible for equitable operation of the league / resolves disputes

d. Represents the HGSSL at external meetings and ceremonies

e. Determines any needs for standing committees as presented by the Town Representative(s)

f. Responsible for the league umpiring assignments

g. Works with town representatives and their community to secure field times for the league play. Reports any associated costs to BOD

h. Works with town representatives and their community to secure field times for playoffs. Reports any associated costs to the BOD

i. Oversees proper administration service and associated costs for trophies and awards 


a. Perform the duties of the president in his/her absence

b. Presides over any fall league activity

c. Ensure the annual league schedule is completed a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the HGSSL season

d. Ensures the league schedule is reviewed by the BOD and the TRs prior to distribution, and posting to website 


a. Maintain all records and correspondence

b. Distributes minutes at each meeting via email correspondence

c. Maintains league documents and ensure their safekeeping

d. Maintain record of signed attendance (roll call)

e. Oversee maintaining the HGSSL website 


a. Collect all fees, contributions and fund raising activities

b. Deposit funds into the HGSSL account in a timely fashion

c. Pay all league debts and / or bills and report them to the BOD

d. Keep financial records and prepare monthly financial reports at each HGSSL monthly meeting

e .Working with the president, ensures all umpiring and field fees are paid in a timely and efficient manner

f. Working with the president and BOD ensures costs are paid for trophies and awards 

6.0 Board of Directors - Group Responsibilities

6.1 Decisions on all expenditures

6.2 Resolving issues not outlined in the by-laws and rule

6.3 Fund Raising activities

6.4 Must attend all Board of Director and General Assembly meetings

6.5 Review and pre-approve new member towns and present to Town Representatives prior for the final approval requiring a two-thirds (2/3) town representatives majority vote.

6.6 Review and pre-approve the expulsion of any member town and present to Town Representatives prior for the final approval requiring a two-thirds (2/3) town representatives majority vote. 

7.0 Town Representatives (TR)

7.1 A Town Representative shall be one delegate from an individual town

7.2 A Town Representative shall have one vote on any issue presented by the BOD for final approval

7.3 Must attend all General Assembly meetings

7.4 Vote on new member towns. Approval requires a two-thirds (2/3) town representatives majority vote.

7.5 Vote on expulsion of towns. Approval requires a two-thirds (2/3) town representatives majority vote.

7.5 All Town Representatives must have at least one alternate that can assume the TR's responsibilities in his / her absence 

8.0 Voting - Tie Breaker Rule

The President shall be considered the Chairperson of the Board. He or she shall cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie during any voting process. 

9.0 Term of Office

9.1 All HGSSL elections shall be held annually at the Fall Season meeting directly following league play

9.2 All elected positions requires a minimum one year term

9.3 Any un-expired term may be filled by special election as pre-determined by the BOD and presented to the TR for the final approval requiring a two-thirds (2/3) town representatives majority vote 

10.0 Removal From Office

Under Certain circumstances the Board of Directors shall remove an officer immediately when cause is substantiated as follows:

10.1 Failure to uphold the by-laws as defined within this document

10.2 Failure to fulfill the duties of the office up to and including repeated unexcused absences from HGSSL meetings

10.3 Lewd and indecent behavior which contradicts the explicit directive contained within the HGSSL Codes of Ethic

10.4 Fraud and / or like criminal activity 

11.0 Resignations

11.1 Any member from the Board of Directors that decides to resign from office prior to the expiration of his or her term may do so with the submission of a written resignation to the BOD

11.2 Any Town Representative that decides to resign from office prior to the expiration of his or her term may do so with the submission of a written resignation to the BOD 

12.0 Nomination and Election Process

12.1 Eligibility

12.1.1 Any BOD member or TR present at a meeting may place his/her name on the election slate.

12.1.2 Any BOD member or TR present at a meeting may nominate any HGSSL participant's name on the election slate.

12.2 Nominating

12.2.1 The Administrator will take nominations from the floor prior to the election.

12.2.2 Only a BOD member or TR can second a nomination

12.2.3 Any name receiving a second is placed on the ballot

12.2.4 Any person whom wishes not to be placed on the ballot must immediately decline

12.2.5 A motion must be made to close nominations by a member of the BOD or a TR which must receive a second from the Town Representatives

12.2.6 Nominations are then closed

12.3. Voting

All final voting shall take place via a paper ballot by those present. Ballots shall be held long enough to confirm the winners and the election results entered into the monthly minutes and posted on the website.

12.4 Taking Office

Newly elected Officers shall take office at the next regularly scheduled meeting unless the election is a special election necessary to fill an unexpired term of office. 

13.0 Meetings

13.1 The BOD shall hold regular meetings to attend to League business.

13.2 All BOD and TR members are expected to attend.

13.3 Meetings shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise scheduled via an email from the Executive Board. 

14.0 Scheduling

Meetings are scheduled each month with meeting notices mailed to all BOD and TR members at least seven (7) days prior to each meting. Notice shall outline the agenda for each meeting. It shall be posted on the HGSSL website by the league president. 

15.0 Quorum Requirements

Scheduled meetings to conduct business shall only be official if the President or Vice President and one or more members of the BOD are present. No decisions shall be made without a quorum. 

16.0 General Business Practice

16.1 Meetings shall be conducted under Parliamentary Law. In event of dispute as to proper procedures, Roberts Rules of Order shall be used.

16.2 A BOD or TR member makes a motion

16.3 A different member seconds the motion

16.4 If the motion receives no second, the motion dies;

16.5 If the motion receives a second, the motion is open to further discussion and possible modification

16.6 When discussion is complete or a BOD and / or TR member moves the motion, a vote is taken.

16.7 An affirmative 2/3 minimum approval vote makes the issue policy. 

17.0 Notice

Written notice of the intent to modify the by-laws must be given to all BOD and TR members at least two weeks prior to the meeting where said modifications are considered. A draft copy shall be mailed to each Officer and Delegate. 

18.0 Implementation

The amended by-laws will take effect as soon as the vote in the affirmative has been taken. Once this has occurred, the Administrator shall print and distribute copies of the revised by-laws to the BOD and TR members.

 19.0 Contingency Policy

In the event the League is confronted with an issue not specific to the by-laws the BOD shall make policy to govern the circumstance. The BOD may take action to include the policy in the by-laws and present to the TR member using the process defined in 16.0 of this document.