Open Letter to all HGSSL Town Representatives, Coaches, Volunteers and Parents

Published by Leo Lake
May 15, 2018

Open Letter to all HGSSL Town Representatives, Coaches, Volunteers and Parents:

At the conclusion of this season, three members of the four-person HGSSL Executive Board will be moving on. Their time spent as volunteers running this fine organization will have wound down. It is for this reason I am reaching out to you.

Currently, we have a President, a Vice President and a Treasurer. We have been searching for a League Administrator for the last four months to no avail. As of this writing, no one has offer up their name for nomination into this position despite repeated requests. This is a problem. Our league will be diminished without this position filled. We will be less effective. So much so, that I, along with the assembled town representatives who attended the league meeting on Wednesday, Feb 15 voted to stop moving forward with 2017 season preparations until this position is filled. It is that important.

We have a scheduled HGSSL Town Representative meeting on Wednesday, March 15 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. After role call the first agenda item will be nominations for League Administrator. If at that time there are no nominations offered for the position of League Administrator, the meeting will be adjourned and the search will continue. If you've been part of the league for more than a year or two you fully realize the preparation necessary to launch a successful season started in January. Until we find an administrator, these preparations will not continue. Not having a League Administrator will hurt us all. I am asking everyone to dig in and offer up a name. We need someone to do this. It cannot fall to the current board members. For your reference, here are the duties of the League Administrator:


a. Maintain all records and correspondence

b. Distributes minutes at each meeting via email correspondence

c. Maintains league documents and ensure their safekeeping

d. Maintain record of signed attendance (roll call)

e. Oversee maintaining the HGSSL website

Looking forward to 2018, there will be vacancies in the office of President, Vice president and Treasurer. In order to ensure the continuing success of our league, I implore you to look around (or look in the mirror) for new Executive Officers to make up next years board. You'll need it. Don't wait until January 2018 to address this issue. Don't wait for someone else to step up. Volunteerism is what makes our league the finest in all of Massachusetts. Step up now.

If you would like to nominate someone for the current open position of League Administrator before the meeting on 3/15, please feel free to do so by contacting any HGSSL officer via e-mail or cell phone (both of which can be found on our website. I look forward to your anticipated assistance and cooperation in making the 2017 season the best yet. See you on 3/15.


Chris Murphy